"You know “that guy” (or “that girl”)! They’re the one at the gathering point on Sunday morning, wheelieing past the parking lot. They’re the one talking about the twisty road that leads there as though it is their own personal racetrack. You see them crossing the double-yellow line in a blind corner, utterly unable to take any evasive action if another vehicle were to approach from the other direction. You don’t want to be that rider. If you want to ride fast, there’s no excuse for not taking it to the track anymore." -Road Racing World

Some of you may have been out watching the AMA Big Kahuna race. Now, it's time to experience the track for yourself. IF YOU RIDE A STREET BIKE OF ANY TYPE, THEN YOU WOULD BENEFIT FROM DOING A TRACK DAY. If you ride a Bonneville, Thruxton, Tiger, Monster, Hypermotard, Streetfighter, Street Triple or Multistrada, as well as a sportbike, this means you. 

A track day is not a race or competition. It is a safe, fun environment to hone your skills with other enthusiasts. The track is an environment free of SUVs, head on collisions, potholes, intersections, blind curves, drunk drivers, gravel in corners, and other distractions. It has pavement perfectly engineered for growing your skills and pushing your bike's limits.

"Common excuses street riders give for not taking their motorcycles to track days include:
• It costs too much (it’s cheaper than a big speeding ticket).
• I don’t have the right gear (you can rent or borrow it).
• My bike’s too old (no, it’s not).
• My bike’s too new (no, it’s not).
• I don’t have pit equipment (you don’t need it to try a track day).
• I don’t want to crash (you’re less likely to crash on the track than on the
street, if for no other reason than civilians in SUVs won’t be turning left in front of you!).
• I don’t have a way to haul my bike to the track (rent a truck or trailer or van or car-pool or ride it to the track).
• I don’t have enough experience (so, show up and get some).

Push those excuses out of your mind, go to a track day and you may end up asking yourself, “Why did I wait so long to try this?”" -Road Racing World


Think you need a dedicated sportbike to ride on the track? Think again. 

The Transportation Revolution is here to make your Track Day experience easy and enjoyable, whether it is your first or your fiftieth. Getting started is surprisingly easy; you just need a motorcycle, some blue painters tape, and access to proper gear. 

Your bike will need to pass tech inspection. Tires, brakes, etc will need to be in good condition and all lights reflectors and turn signals will need to be taped up. Liquid-cooled bikes will need their coolant replaced with water wetter to prevent slippery spills on the track. Required gear is a full face helmet, leather one or two-piece suit, full height boots and full gauntlet gloves. TTRNO RENTS SUITS, GLOVES AND BOOTS. Therefore, I know you have what you need to ride! 

TTRNO also has a trackside speedshop that provides our riders with complete support. In addition to the gear rental, we offer tires, track prep, valet services and an air conditioned lounge. If you can't trailer your bike to the track, then we can bring it there for you. More info on the Speedshop

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