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Overcoming Common Mistakes in Motorcycle Racing Technique

January 12, 2024

Overcoming Common Mistakes in Motorcycle Racing Technique

Motorcycle racing is an adrenaline-fueled sport that demands precision, skill, and an understanding of proper technique. Whether you're a novice or an experienced rider, steering clear of common mistakes is crucial for both safety and optimal performance. Below, we’re going to explore some prevalent errors in motorcycle racing techniques while shedding light on how to overcome them, emphasizing the importance of motorsport safety foundation principles.

Neglecting Body Position:

One common mistake riders make is neglecting their body position on the bike. Proper body positioning improves balance and control during turns. To overcome this, focus on keeping your body low and leaning into turns, distributing your weight effectively.

Overlooking Braking Technique:

In the heat of the race, riders often make the mistake of either overusing or underutilizing their brakes. Practice progressive braking – squeezing the brakes gradually to avoid sudden stops, preventing skids and loss of control.

Poor Throttle Control:

Throttle control is a delicate art. Avoid the mistake of jerky throttle movements, which can lead to instability and accidents. Smooth and controlled acceleration is key to maintaining stability, especially when exiting turns.

Ignoring the Racing Line:

The racing line is the most efficient path around a track. Ignoring it can result in slower lap times and increased chances of collisions. Focus on mastering the racing line for each track to improve your overall performance.

Lack of Vision:

Fixating on the immediate surroundings rather than looking ahead is a common error. Train yourself to scan the track, anticipate turns, and look where you want to go. This improves reaction time and helps avoid obstacles.

Incorrect Gear Usage:

Shifting gears at the wrong time can compromise speed and performance. Understand the optimal RPM range for your bike and shift accordingly. This mistake is easily rectified with practice and a keen sense of your motorcycle's capabilities.

Neglecting Track Familiarity:

Each track has its unique challenges. Neglecting to familiarize yourself with the nuances of a track can result in subpar performance. Spend time studying the track layout and practicing it to build confidence and competence.

Improper Body Language During Turns:

Your body language communicates with the bike during turns. Leaning too much or too little can affect stability. Work on syncing your body movements with the bike, finding the right balance for smooth turns.


Overconfidence often leads to risky maneuvers and poor decision-making. Stay humble and continuously work on improving your skills. Consistent motorcycle racing training, preferably under the guidance of experienced instructors, helps in honing your abilities.

Failure to Warm Up:

Just like any physical activity, motorcycle racing requires a proper warm-up. Neglecting this step can lead to stiffness and decreased reaction time. Incorporate warm-up routines into your pre-race preparation to optimize your performance.

Final Thoughts:

At NOLA Riding Academy, we understand the importance of overcoming these common mistakes in motorcycle racing techniques. We prioritize safety and excellence in training, adhering to the Motorsport Safety Foundation principles. As riders ourselves, we recognize the challenges enthusiasts face in perfecting their skills. That's why we offer not just a range of high-quality bikes but also comprehensive training programs to help riders overcome these challenges and become skilled and safe participants in the thrilling world of motorcycle racing. Join us at NOLA Riding Academy, where we share your passion for motorcycles and are committed to guiding you toward a safer and more exhilarating racing experience. Ride with confidence – ride with us!

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